LIGHT Men’s Bible Study

"Stepping Up" is the new men's Bible study on Sundays at 4:00 PM in W224. "Stepping Up" is a call to courageous manhood. Today, more than ever, the world needs godly men who will step up and courageously lead at home, church, work, and in their communities. For more information contact or call 405-613-7821.

Marriage Prep Class

For serious dating and engaged couples.

This class is required for those couples getting married at First Moore. Please contact Dianna Royland,, or call 793-2636, to sign up or for more information. The class will begin February 23, at 4:30 PM in the West Conference Center. Mark and Barbara Zumpfe will lead the class.

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Inter-Generational Lifegroup

Inter-generational Fellowship Lifegroup

This LifeGroup looks like a family! All ages are welcome (even the kids).
It is focused on Bible study, fellowship and mission opportunities designed to include the entire family.
Contact Bill Vanbuskirk at 719.2029 or email

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Marriage Encounter Lifegroup

Marriage Encounter Lifegroup

A tried-and -tested program by David and Teresa Ferguson,
for discovering the secrets of a really great marriage.
Two time slots offered.
9:30 AM in W206/209, led by Matthew & Amy Hale.
11:00 AM in E110, led by James and Lynelle Hodges

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Baptist Children’s Home – Volunteer Opportunities

Life-Changing Opportunities in Volunteering

Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children is redesigning their student leadership program. We are in need of individuals who are interested in using their skills of writing and preparing life-skill instructions for students. Many areas of expertise are needed due to the wide range in life skills that will be addressed. If you are willing to give a bit of your time to help change the lives of many, please contact Jerry Rappe at or 691-7781 for more information.

Celebrate Recovery – It is time for a serious self-evaluation..

It is time for a serious self-evaluation of all areas of an individual's life.. our relationships, our priorities, our integrity, what we allow in our mind, how we treat our body, how we treat our church and our family. You have the opportunity to join with a group to make this self-evaluation. Come on Thursday to learn more. Celebrate Recovery meets in the East Conference Center at 6:30 PM. Childcare and Celebration Station are in the West Building. Contact Nancy Reeves (514-9990) for more information. For more information about serving in Jobs for Life, you may also contact Nancy.

January 19th – Get your Year in Gear – Fitness


Week of Prayer for International Missions

Day 1

Divine Appointment

Connexxions ministry in Spain

Abraham Rios of Seville, Spain, is grateful for the work of Southern Baptists.

Believers who were willing to be totally obedient pointed him to the Savior.

For Abraham, it started at the university on a break from class. First, an International World Changers team asked him to participate in a spiritual survey. Then, short-term worker Yasmin Vila Limo followed up and found that Abraham was seeking the truth.

Next, missionary Martha Moore stepped in to disciple him and get him involved in Connexxion, a student evangelism ministry she started in Germany that is being reproduced on other campuses.

Abraham became close friends with Christians, including other Southern Baptist missionaries and began attending a church plant. Friends celebrated his profession of faith and baptism in 2011.

Today, Abraham is leading the Seville Connexxion team and partnering with missionaries to reach Seville with the Gospel. “God is really using Abraham as a strong Christian leader and as a man who follows God. It’s not easy for him to do that [in the Spanish culture],” says Martha.

Pray for Abraham

to be bold and wise in a culture that does not recognize a need for God.

Pray for Martha,

who now serves in Germany, and the growth of Connexxion in Western Europe.

Day 2

Pieces of God’s puzzle

Kunkel family in Paraguay and Japan

When 24-year-old Steven Kunkel became a volunteer missionary to Japan, his mother gave him a jigsaw puzzle piece.

“God’s still putting the puzzle of your life together,” she said.

For Tim and Iracema Kunkel, the “puzzle” surrounding their son, Steven, began almost 20 years ago when doctors diagnosed him with autism, a developmental brain disorder. The Kunkels were new missionaries to Uruguay.

“Let’s just pack up and go home,” Tim recalls thinking.

But the Kunkels stayed, serving God with their three children. Because Uruguay offered few services for autistic people, Iracema studied special education so she could teach Steven herself. Soon, God opened doors for sharing the Gospel with Uruguayan families affected by autism.

Meanwhile, Steven made amazing progress. He accepted Christ and, at age 15, felt called to Japan. Later, the Kunkels transferred to Paraguay, where many Japanese immigrants live.

“A lot of what God’s had us doing on the missions field ... [wasn’t] so much about us as missionaries,” says Iracema, a native Brazilian. “It was about Steven. God was [putting the] puzzle pieces in place ... so this autistic child could grow up to be a missionary.”

Pray many lost people in Japan will accept Christ through Steven’s testimony.

Ask God to lead Tim and Iracema to key Paraguayan believers to train and mobilize for missions.

Day 3

The Deaf Malagasy of Madagascar and Warren Baptist Church in Georgia

It sounds like a fool’s errand: send a hearing church with zero experience with the Deaf to share Jesus with a Deaf unengaged, unreached people group. But that’s what happened when Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, chose to embrace the Deaf Malagasy of Madagascar.

Located off Africa’s east coast, the island nation is home to 110,000 Deaf, less than 1 percent Christian. Most follow a centuries-old tradition of ancestor worship.

There may be a “veneer of Christianity,” says Matt Spann, who leads IMB’s Madagascar team, “but, in fact, they fear their ancestors more than they fear God.”

That’s what Warren hopes to change. But Roger Henderson, the church’s missions pastor, knows it won’t be quick, easy or cheap. There’s a steep learning curve to mastering Malagasy sign. Roger anticipates sending multiple teams to Madagascar every year. That’s a huge financial commitment, one that Warren has pledged won’t cut into its giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, which supports workers like Matt.

Intimate with Malagasy society and language, Matt is helping Warren navigate cultural nuances and church-planting pitfalls, plus providing logistical support for incoming teams.

“There was no doubt that this is where God was leading us,” Roger says. “This is a testimony that God can use anybody when you are willing to follow His leading.”

Pray that Warren Baptist Church members will quickly learn Malagasy sign and be effective as His heart, hands and voice in reaching the Deaf of Madagascar.

Day 4

A Matter of a Tithe

From South America to South Asia

There was little in life to predict that Cebrián Bolívar* would one day become a missionary in one of South Asia’s most populated cities. He grew up on a farm high in South America’s Andes Mountains where his parents and siblings still scratch a living from the soil.

But that was before he met Sam Cordell*.

Sam was a Southern Baptist missionary with a plan. In less than a decade, he trained a cadre of Quichua Indian believers to range the scattered mountain villages of their people, planting churches. And Cebrián was one of the best; he planted 26.

When Sam announced he was leaving South America for Asia, Cebrián asked if he could go with him.

You have always told us to reach out beyond ourselves, he said. Sam agreed. But it won’t be easy, he warned.

Life is hard in the high Andes. Farmers earn little more than enough to survive. There is not a lot left over to support someone on the missions field. Cebrián’s going came down to a conversation with his father.

“Father,” said Cebrián, “if you have ten sheep, how many go to the Lord?”

“One,” said his father.

“You have ten children,” Cebrián continued. “Shouldn’t one go to the Lord?”

In the end, it was a matter of a tithe.

*Names changed.

Pray for churches to be planted in South Asia.

Pray that through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, more workers like Sam can be sent to train cross-cultural leaders like Cebrián.

Day 5

Living Among Them

Gena Wilson in Scotland

The Scotland tour bus doesn’t stop in Gena’s neighborhood. The concrete buildings and dirty streets stand in stark contrast to the country’s rolling green hills and tall stone castles.

The beauty isn’t too far from her flat, but missionary Gena Wilson chooses to live in an area of Glasgow she describes as “urban-deprived.” She also calls it home. This is the place where God has asked her to live for 17 years.

On a brief walk down a neighborhood street, Gena makes time to talk to Max who works at the barber shop, the woman who runs the corner cafe, a couple of students skipping school and a heroin junkie. For her, being totally His is about a life yielded to God’s plans, not her own.

“God calls us as believers to get alongside folks who don’t know Him ... so that we show them Jesus, so that we can show them the cross is enough,” says Gena.

Gena depends on your prayers and your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Because of your giving, another missionary couple has joined Gena’s team in Glasgow.

Pray for Gena who faced a return of lymphoma and returned the U.S. for treatment.

As of August 2013 she was cancer free. Pray with Gena that she will be able to return to Scotland soon. In the meantime, pray for her teammates, TJ and Dena Odom, as they continue the work Gena began in Glasgow

Day 6

Closer than they seem

The Mixteco of Mexico and Valley Baptist Church in California

Orange dots on a world map marked the locations of more than 3,000 people groups — people groups that no one was telling about Jesus.

What struck California pastor Phil Neighbors was how many were clustered in southern Mexico. His church, Valley Baptist of Bakersfield, had prayed about taking the Gospel to such a people group.

To learn more, he contacted Chris Ammons, a missionary in Mexico who had partnered with Phil’s church on short-term missions projects. Chris offered to help find the best fit for Valley Baptist.

Soon afterward, Chris visited a rural area near Oaxaca, Mexico. There he made a stunning discovery — the local Tijaltepec Mixteco people had a large migrant population living just 20 miles from Bakersfield.

After much prayer, Valley Baptist made a long-term commitment to take responsibility for this people group. The church regularly sends volunteers to both the Tijaltepec Mixteco in southern Mexico and the 700 Mixteco immigrants in central California.

A total commitment to be His heart, hands and voice.

“When we ‘embraced’ this people group, that means they’re ours,” says Phil. “If they’re going to be reached, it’s going to be through us. And that’s a heavy burden, but a good burden. We’ve got to do this.”

Pray for missionaries who train and guide Southern Baptist churches in reaching unengaged, unreached people groups.

Pray other churches will follow Valley Baptist’s example.

Day 7

His hands and feet

Burmese immigrants in Thailand

Imagine being one of the few Southern Baptist missionary couples working among 2.5 million Burmese living in the southern part of Thailand who do not know Jesus.

Scott and Alyssa Branding* know God is working and those who came for a better life can receive it. They know because local leaders like Aung Kyaw* are on fire with the Gospel, ready to absorb the training the Brandings provide, ready to be totally His.

Aung Kyaw, a fruit buyer who interacts with both Thais and Burmese, is passionate about Bible study. “I understand this!” he exclaims as the Brandings show him more and more about God’s Word.

Scott shares in the excitement of helping a new Christian come to know the Gospel. “I love the opportunity to train the nationals, so they can train nationals, so they can impact people — because that 2.5 million people is such a big number!”

Both Aung Kyaw and the Brandings are grateful to Southern Baptists who make divine encounters possible through their gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

“The [offering] helps us stay here, helps us be face to face, helps us to show compassion to people when they’re hurting, helps us to be [His] hands and feet,” says Scott.

“The Gospel is going out, and when the Gospel goes out, it will not return void.”

*Names changed.

Pray God will continue to raise up national leaders among the Burmese living in Thailand.

Day 8

Embrace partnership sees fruit

The Bedia of South Asia and First Baptist Church Centerton in Arkansas

“Here he is!” Southern Baptist worker Clifton Melek* exclaimed. “Here is the first baptized believer since you began praying for the Bedia five years ago.”

The road had been bumpy and long for First Baptist Centerton in Arkansas. Their journey with the Bedia of South Asia began in 2006 when they first heard the term “unengaged, unreached people group.” Around 250 church members committed to pray daily for the Bedia until there would be baptisms and a church planted.

After two visits, heavy persecution by Hindu village leaders halted missions work and communication with the Bedia. But the church continued to pray. It was all they could do.

“Praying blindly was not easy,” says missions team member Marlene Broome. “Sometimes we had no contact, and other times, it was bad news. ... It was a hard time.”

When Southern Baptist personnel were placed near Bedia villages, a team from Centerton returned. They learned God worked despite the silence across the ocean.

Tears fell as the missions team met the first baptized Bedia believer, Sahaji Bedia,* and attended worship at the very first Bedia church plant ... exactly five years after starting their journey.

Learn how your church can take the next step at

*Names changed.

Pray for Southern Baptist workers, Centerton’s members, and Bedia believers as they partner to take the gospel to all Bedia.