Our Heavenly Father will use anyone who will make themselves available.

The focus of First Baptist Church is to reach the lost. Every ministry that we have inside our walls has the goal of reaching out to our family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We understand that when Jesus told us to go unto all the world He was not asking us but commanding us. If you have never shared your faith with others then we have classes available to help you. These classes will help equip you to fulfill your part of the Great Commission. You can go to the Evangelism Training site and find specific training dates.


To Be Announced




4:45 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

When Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples, it was not a request. This is a command that was not given to just a few individuals but to the church. We believe that to expect our members to share their faith in Christ effectively then we must first equip them. Our evangelism training classes, each week, will show 1-2 different ways to share your faith. This four week course will help you to choose the best method for you to share Jesus with the lost people you come in contact with daily. If you can't attend all of the classes then come to as many as you can.

These classes will be offered on an on-going basis.